You’ve got a friend in me!

As you grow up, you likely make many friends. I had quite a few myself. However, aside from my cousins, none have stuck with me besides just a few. My best friend, Jaqi, and I met back in 2002. We rode the same bus to and from school and I was a year ahead of her in school. No matter what boys came and went, whatever happened, I knew that I could call her up and talk to her. Now, she lives in Fayetteville (about 45 minutes away) and we still talk just about every day. We try to visit each other every few months ( it’s hard to schedule anything with a toddler lol) and we are still there for each other no matter what. When Jaqi started college at the U of A Monticello a couple years back, she was extremely homesick and almost gave up. I hopped in the car without hesitation and drove the 4.5 hours to get her for a visit!

One of my other best friends, Amanda, and I met right about 6 years ago. She is so mature for her age that often times I forget that she is 4 years younger than me! Amanda is so sweet and caring and always listens when I need to moan about something. We don’t talk as often as we used to before I became a mommy and before she started college, but it doesn’t matter. When we do talk it’s like time and distance don’t exist!

My best friend, Alicia, and I have known each other more than half our lives! We met the first time I ever went to church at Rena Road church if Christ. She was the only girl near my age who came up and talked to me. I used to be painfully shy, believe it or not! Since then, we have had countless sleepovers, shared millions of laughs, even more years, and we have grown to be inseparable. We have shared just about our entire lives with each other, from first boyfriends to the births of our children.

I cannot express how blessed I am to have these three ladies in my life; to share both the good times and the bad, to laugh and cry with (and yes, sometimes to fight with), to share everything in my life with. They are more than my friends. They are my sisters.

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