Savor the Moments


As a new mom, I have found that I stress about too many things that are beyond my control.  When Mikey was a newborn, I tried (without success) to keep him immaculately clean.  This simply is not a valid idea, especially with a newborn who has both a milk allergy and reflux.  Kids are messy, loud, and so precious.  They take up every bit of your time and attention.  They drain you of your energy and money.  But, as a parent, you don’t care.  You give 1000% to your child and give it gladly.

I have learned over the last 15 months to savor the moments I have with my son.  I have learned to love his little messes, though I don’t always.  I have learned to embrace the chaos that comes with being a stay at home mom to a very independent, curious, energetic toddler.  I have learned that my house does not have to be perfectly clean, my shows can go unwatched, my laundry undone.  I guarantee that Mikey doesn’t care about all of that.  All he cares about is spending time with me, knowing that he is loved, smart, and special.  My son is the light of my life and I can’t imagine not ever having him.

I hear horror stories of parents who abuse and neglect their kids, and I have to wonder why.  What did these precious little beings do to deserve to be unloved by their parents? Occasionally, I will hear of a child passing away.  My heart breaks for their families.  I do not want to imagine what those families must go through.

So please, savor the little moments you have with your child, no matter how old they are.  Take a few minutes in the morning before you get ready for your day and cuddle with them.  Tell them, A LOT, that you love them and always will.  Accept whatever small gift they give you; they are giving you a piece of their heart.  Play with them, read to them, sing with them, dance in the living room, the car, in the store.  Be silly. Be fun.  Be there for them.  Hold them tight and always kiss them good night.  The smallest moments in your day are the biggest moments in theirs.

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