A trip down memory lane…

Some of my fondest memories from growing up are of my mom and dad spending time with me. No matter how tired or sore or worn out they were, they always made the time to spend with me. I remember wrestling with Daddy in the living room floor, learning how to ride a bike, to hunt, to fish. Momma taught me how to read, helped me with my homework, taught me how to bake peanut butter cookies. Both of my parents always had time to cuddle with me, no matter how old I got. They had (and still have) an endless supply of hugs, love, patience, and understanding. I remember one winter where we had this really bad ice storm and Daddy made a sled out of an old plastic kids table and some rope and drug my niece, nephew, and myself all around the yard after working hard at a factory all day. It is still one of my favorite days. Momma was always doing crafts with me. We made a birdbath out of clay pots one time.

I had a “mommy moment” this morning as I watched my son play with the vacuum cleaner (he’s always helping me clean). I remembered all the things my mom and dad did with me and all the memories they made with me. I sat down in the living room floor and played with Mikey. When he gets older, I hope he remembers me taking time to be silly and play with him. I hope he remembers the little things we do together that make my days with him so special. I hope the memories that he has of me and his daddy are ones that make him smile, ones that he hopes to pass on to his kids.




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