My Crazy Beautiful Life <3

Hello again! I am so sorry that it’s been nearly a month since I last updated my blog! I have been super busy chasing after Mikey, who is now 19 months old, planning a gender reveal party, a wedding, a baby shower, and planning a trip to Florida with my husband’s family!

I am now officially in my second trimester and feeling MUCH better. Although I didn’t have any morning sickness with this pregnancy, I did have extreme fatigue, which has now lifted! (Yay!) I am currently 15 weeks now and I can’t wait until my 16 week appointment on Tuesday so that I can hear Jellybean’s heartbeat again and (hopefully) schedule my 20 week ultrasound to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! Personally, I have a feeling it’s going to be a girl. Mark and I are planning on doing a gender reveal party when we have our next ultrasound, so that we find out the gender at the same time as our friends and family! I am so excited over it.

Mikey has been growing so fast here lately. Up until a month ago, he was still wearing 12 month pants/shorts and 12-18 month shirts, as well as size 4 shoes. Now, he’s in 18 month pants, size 5-6 shoes, and 18-24 month shirts. He has also been on this “Finding Nemo” kick. He saw it once about a month ago at my grandma’s house and it has quickly become his favorite movie. It is a cute movie, but after watching it a minimum of twice a day for over a month, I’m about ready to fry Nemo and eat him. Mikey has been talking more and more lately, too. He is so sassy sometimes. He heard the dog barking the other day and told him to “hush dog.” Every day, Mikey will come up to me when I’m laying down, lift up my shirt so he can see my belly, and “play” with baby. He will give hugs and kisses, and more recently, blow raspberries on my belly. He calls it “sis.”

My nephew, Aaron, and his fiancée Brittany, are also expecting. This is their first baby and they found out it’s going to be a boy. They are going to name him Adrian Michael. My sister-in-law (Aaron’s step-mom) and I are co-hosting a baby shower for them in three weeks. The theme is a “DINO”-mite baby shower! (The theme for the nursery is dinosaurs.)

We also found out just about a week ago that my best friends, Alicia and Chris, are expecting their second baby! She is about 11 weeks behind me, so we are super excited that we get to be pregnant with each other this time around! Her daughter, Madi, is a year and four days older than Mikey, and they are best friends!

Mark’s mom and dad invited us to go to Florida with them at the end of September! We are super excited to go and let Mikey see the beach and the ocean for the first time! It’s going to be a long trip (about 14 hours if you drive straight through with no stops), especially with me being almost 21 weeks pregnant and having a potty-training toddler! I have about 5 weeks to finish planning everything that I need to pack/buy/do before we leave. I’m a little stressed out, but not too bad. Planning soothes me.

Until next time, friends, I say good-bye! I hope you all have a very blessed day!




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