Surprises and Sand

Hello again! I know all of you have been on pins and needles for the last few weeks waiting to hear if we are having a boy or a girl. Well, friends, the wait is over! Baby Deffenbaugh #2 is a … ? Haha I am going to make you wait just a little bit longer. 🙂
Mark, Mikey, and I got back from Pensacola, Florida late last night. We all had so much fun on the trip. It was a long ride down there (and even longer ride back.), but it was completely worth it. Mikey enjoyed the sand, but wanted nothing to do with the waves on the beach. He loved playing in the pool, though. We went to the National Naval Air Museum, where Mikey saw lots of airplanes! He was so excited and kept running around shouting “Airplanes!!” We also went on a dolphin cruise with Mikey, who was not entirely sure of being on a boat at first. He had never been on one before. After we were able to stand up and walk around, he explored every inch of the boat and decided that his favorite part was at the front. As we were leaving the bay and heading into open water, it got really choppy. I thought it would scare Mikey, but he stood there, hanging into the railing, yelling, “Whee!” When water would splash up on us, he told us it was funny. We saw lots of dolphins and jellyfish. Mikey called everything fishies. Mark, Mike, and I went to the USS Alabama in Mobile, Alabama one day and spent the whole day exploring the battleship, looking at planes, and exploring the USS Drum, a World War II diesel submarine.
Ok, I have made you wait long enough! I know the suspense has been killing you as I have rambled on about our vacation to Florida. Drumroll, please! Mark and I are excited to announce that the new baby is another boy!! We have decided to name him Joshua Isaiah Deffenbaugh and Mikey is so excited to be a big brother! Our gender reveal party was a hit and I am so glad that we waited to find out with everyone else!! Until next time, may God bless you and keep you safe! Love y’all!

















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