Mom Guilt

  We’ve all been there. Those days where nothing is going right and the kids are acting out, not taking naps, refusing to eat, or throwing fits. Those days where you let the kids watch TV more than you should just so you can have 5 minutes without some form of chaos. Those days where the two-and-a-half year old pours craft paint all over the floor and ruins their clothes and makes footprints all through the house. Those days where you snap at the kids, possibly causing them to cry. These are the days filled with Mom Guilt.
   Mom Guilt usually hits me hard and heavy as I’m cuddling the kids at bedtime. I feel horrible for putting other things first. I should have stopped doing the dishes for a few moments to read the story to my toddler. I should have played cars with him instead of turning on Scooby-Doo. Instead of snapping at my toddler for making a mess or getting into things, I should have taken a “mommy time-out.” I should have cherished those small moments throughout the day with my children instead of plowing along with everything else.
  I feel my heart melting as I cuddle my 6 month old, watching him sleep peacefully in my arms after his feeding. I know that he is not going to stay little for long. Before I am ready for it, he will be walking, talking, and getting into all kinds of toddler mischief with his brother. I want to hold on to every precious moment with them, but I realize this after the day has already ended. My children are two of the biggest blessings in my life, and I often take them for granted. It’s days that are filled with Mom Guilt that make me realize just how special they are and how lucky I am that they are MINE. 
  One of the best things about Mom Guilt? It makes you aware of what you need to change. Tomorrow is a brand new day. All of the hurt feelings, temper tantrums, and messes are gone. My kids wake up each morning with open hearts and love me more than I deserve. I am so thankful for our tomorrows








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