A Letter to my Son

My dear, sweet boy, I’m sitting here, holding you, watching your little eyes dance behind your lids as you dream. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have you, and your brother, as my children. You inspire me. How can someone so small teach me so much about life? It should be me, teaching you. Your zeal for life is beautiful; the way you light up when a butterfly flutters by, the way your musical  laughter floats through the air, the way your curiosity is endless. You remind me that life is more than being responsible and being serious. You remind me to giggle, to dance like a lunatic, to be silly. How can you be so small, yet still so big? You are growing up before my eyes, whether I am ready for it or not. Stay small. Stay you. I am so very proud of the independent little boy you are growing up to be. Stay with me forever. Your growing independence reminds me that you will soon leave me. First, to go to school, then to go on dates, then to start a family of your own. It will happen in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t seem like you should be almost three years old now.  Your little body is relaxed in my arms. You still trust in me to protect you. Your soul is pure, happy, and beautiful. Don’t ever change. Please, stay my sweet little boy for as long as you can. You are still filled with wonder and awe and a light that fills me with pure joy. You are so wise, little one. You know that sometimes, all we really need is a hug, just to let us know that we aren’t alone. You are loved. You are wise. You are important. You are a blessing. You are my favorite part of the day. You make me smile. You make me laugh. You make me cry. You make me worried and anxious and tired. You, my sweet boy, make me a mommy. I love you more than you know. I love you so much, it feels like I may burst into a thousand pieces. I love you.





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