A Letter to the New Momma

I see you, Momma. I see how utterly exhausted you are pushing the shopping cart through the store, struggling to keep your toddler from throwing a tantrum or your baby from crying. I see you and I smile. I know right now you feel like everyone is watching you and judging you because of how your children are acting. Don’t pay any attention to people. Keep on being the best mommy you can be. One day, you will look at other new moms pushing their babies through the store, struggling to keep sane, and you will smile too. This phase passes so quickly, and believe it or not, you’ll miss the chaos of small children. You will miss holding your babies at 1:00 in the morning, rocking them gently back to sleep. You will miss how a simple kiss makes them feel better. You will miss having toys everywhere and never being able to keep the house completely clean for more than five minutes. It may seem overwhelming and exhausting right now, but this too shall pass.
  Rejoice in these small moments, because before you are ready, your babies will be independent toddlers and preschoolers. Before you are ready, they will no longer want to cuddle with you before bed. Before you are ready, your silly singing will embarrass them rather than make them smile and giggle. Before you are ready,  your baby will grow up. Don’t rush things. Enjoy the late nights, the chaos of shopping with a little. Enjoy how unconditionally your child loves you, how pure and strong that love is. Enjoy every moment.




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